A Unique Blend of Programming

Web Related

Webdesign is currently one of my greatest strengths. I have coded numerous things over the years, some of which are not yet available to the public.

My biggest claim to fame at the moment is Project Pages. It is a free webhosting solution I hand-coded over the span of a few years. It is built to be easily used by people unfamiliar with webdesign, and I reccomend it to anyone looking for a quick and easy webhost. It is beginning to show signs of age, but did see regular use from somewhere around 50 people for a good time. I still provide support for it, however I am not currently developing new features, as better solutions exist.

My other major project is the content management system that powers this site. See the Quick CMS page for more info.

There are a few other miscellaneous projects in this area too, including a music site which allowed me to experiment with AJAX and the last.fm API.